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How to Ask a Librarian

You've checked the FAQ and don't see an answer to your question. Now what do you do? Ask a Librarian! As you can see, there are LOTS of ways to Ask a Librarian a question here at the CST Library. How to choose?

First, define your question clearly. Second, consider whether your question is simple or involved, general or specific, nontechnical or technical, public or private. Finally, from the available options, choose the one best suited to your question.

For simple, general, or nontechnical questions, use SMS (Texting) if you would prefer to keep the correspondence private. For questions of interest to the broader CST community or public, feel free to use Twitter.

For involved, specific, or technical questions, use IM (Chat) or Phone for (usually) instant feedback during normal business hours or SMTP (Email) for a response by the next business day.

For the highest level of research assistance, you can make an in-person appointment with the Reference Librarian.

We aspire to accommodate speakers of many languages, including English, Spanish, and Korean.